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We recently switched hosting provider to ElasticHosts. It rocks. Staff and support are outstanding. The moment we committed and began our migration in earnest we established an understanding of how the billing model just rocks. The VM management user interface is just brilliant compared to the current crop. We are now running our entire Australasian operations at EH and are considering it as an alternative for our US operations.

Greg Davis, NineByte Pty Ltd, Australia

The support experience I’ve had as a trial user has blown me away. You’ve all done everything perfectly and helped me every step of the way, even when my questions may have had obvious answers on the website. I’m proud to be joining such a solid helpful company, and I hope we’ll have business dealings well into the future.

Jack Lindsay, Director, SitelinQ , UK

The flexibility we now enjoy has resulted in vast financial savings.

Geoff Newman, Recruitment Genius , UK

I have battled with another cloud hosting provider for months trying to build a Gentoo AMI, wasting over 80 hours on it. I’m not the most savvy Linux sysadmin but I can get the job done – but the usability of many other cloud hosting systems is just terrible. I have now been using ElasticHosts for four and a half hours. I have already built my Gentoo box, and our configuration system Puppet is about 1/3rd of the way through its work. I love the ElasticHosts infrastructure.

Robert Madole, Localbase Inc. , US

ElasticHosts is not only the fantastic technical stuff for the very reasonable price, it’s also the people, who are always ready to help. I’m saying absolutely sincerely that ElasticHosts provides the most high-quality support that I saw during my 15 years in the online business. I’m confident that no matter what, I’m backed by ElasticHosts, and this is awesome.

Dmitry Vasiliev, co-founder and co-owner, Blin Media , Russia

You guys rock! Whenever there has been a question I have received prompt and competent replies that go beyond the average hosting support. I remember one time when I sent an email at midnight, not expecting an answer until the morning, I got one 3 minutes later… The ElasticHosts team is fast, efficient and highly professional. Keep up the amazing work!

Philip Hohn, co-founder and co-owner, Apparent Media , Germany

ElasticHosts should be used as a synonym in the dictionary for Customer Service and Cloud Computing. Hats off to the support team… We are having a great walk in the clouds thanks to you guys!

Ratko Projkovski, Bluezone , Macedonia

ElasticHosts provided a UK based cloud solution and it took minutes to get an ElasticHosts server setup and running. Being able to buy the exact capacity I need has been very useful. For example, a high performance machine was not needed but scaleable storage was and that can be expanded with a few clicks. If in the future more performance is needed that is also a few clicks. Support at ElasticHosts has been excellent too over the 9 months or so that I have used them.

Jeremy Curtis, Flint IT , UK

After six years of managing our own servers in Paris we were looking to secure our e-commerce platform in the cloud. European-based ElasticHosts offered exactly what we were looking for, open-source-based hosting with great sales support.

Sebastien Braun, Au Coin de Jeu, France