Autumn 2012 Newsletter

Welcome to the ElasticHosts newsletter for Autumn 2012!

We have lots of interesting news so read on:

  • High-IO SSD storage available: make your database >10x faster
  • White-label reseller program: Resell under your brand with 30% margin
  • Upcoming new Hong Kong zone
  • Extra firewall functionality
  • New control panel
  • 32GB RAM servers
  • Status page
  • Faster VLANs


We now offer SSD and disk storage tiers at different price levels, meaning that high disk IO users such as heavy databases can upgrade to SSD for around 20% more on the total server cost. One of our customers, Dmitry Vasilev, reports that his database updates run 13x faster on SSD.

SSD is available in lon-p, tor-p and lax-p now and lon-b will be added in November. Contact us for some free test capacity.

White label reseller program

If you want to sell cloud servers under your own brand with 30% margin but don’t want the hassle of managing the infrastructure, our white-label reseller program is for you. Find out more on our website or get in touch if you are interested.

Hong Kong zone

Following our expansion into West coast USA and Canada at the end of last year we are excited to announce our imminent expansion into Asia with a new data centre in Hong Kong. Please get in touch if you would like us to update you as soon as we go live in Hong Kong.

Extra firewall functionality

You can now specify detailed firewalls in front of your VMs, blocking or allowing traffic by tcp/udp port and IP range.

New Ajax control panel

We have launched this new streamlined interface which enables you to make server config changes instantly on the page without any reload. Many of you will have seen the beta version of this.

32GB RAM servers

Following recent upgrades, the maximum server size has been increased to 32GB RAM in all our zones, except sat-p and lon-b. Lon-b will be increased after the upgrade in November.

Status page

A first point of call if you are experiencing any problems with your servers is our status page, which we will keep updated with news of any incidents and maintenance:

Faster VLANs

Our VLANs are now implemented as 802.1Q, meaning that heavy VLAN users will see improved performance and that we can join your VLANs to other physical networks in the same data centre if you have dedicated servers in colocation.

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