BoxGrinder adds support for ElasticHosts

BoxGrinder is a really handy tool for developers targeting the cloud. If you’ve ever been frustrated by the work involved in preparing applications for deployment on different cloud platforms, then BoxGrinder is your friend. It lets you build an application platform image ready for deployment on any cloud. All you have to do is specify the OS, hardware and package your application requires, and you can box it up ready for deployment straight from the command line! We’re pleased to announce that the latest version of BoxGrinder adds support for ElasticHosts, with the ElasticHosts Delivery Plugin. Now you can grind out applications ready for ElasticHosts deployment, just like this:

$ boxgrinder-build jeos.appl -d elastichosts

There’s lots more background and usage examples at the official BoxGrinder announcement. Marek (whose fine work this is) knows a thing or two about cloud APIs, and he comments: “The [ElasticHosts] API itself is really straightforward and makes the interaction with services easy”. Even better, you can use BoxGrinder for any cloud built on the ElasticStack cloud platform, including our partners Serverlove, Open Hosting and SKALI Cloud — an increasingly international club, as you can see from BoxGrinder’s cloudy map of the world!