Cloud hosting quote and Folder backup in the June 2016 update

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Although we announced a very important feature in April, we haven’t written a platform update post in a while. We break the silence to inform you about two new features:

  1. Cloud Hosting Quotes: we now offer downloadable quotes on any configuration built with our price calculator.

  2. Backup Folders to HDD: In the London Maidenhead and Dallas zones, where the Cloud Storage product is available, customers are able to create snapshots from their Folders onto HDD storage => easy-to-use and inexpensive backup solution for Linux Containers.

Scroll below for further details!

Cloud hosting quotes

You can now download quotes for any cloud hosting plan created in our price calculator on the Pricing page. Hopefully, you will find the use of this feature straightforward. Nevertheless, here is how it works:

  1. Go to the ElasticHosts price calculator.
    Create your plan in the calculator in the appropriate zone with the desired cloud servers (Linux Containers and VMs) and services.
  2. Once you’re satisfied with the plan, click Sign Up Today. Sign Up Today button
  3. You will be redirected to the selected zone where you can see your plan’s content of the quote.
    Click Download as quote in the top-right corner.
  4. Your browser will download the quote in pdf format.
Tip Alternatively, you can create the plan with the calculator in the Add Plan section of your account, under the Billing tab. But be aware that it works only for the account’s own zone, e.g. the calculator in a Dallas account will give quotes for the Dallas zone only.


In April, we introduced an HDD-backed storage type in London Maidenhead and Dallas which is effectively providing the Cloud Storage unit available in these zones. To add another use for this storage type, users in the mentioned zones are now able to create snapshots from their SSD Folders to HDD storage.

Next time you want to copy any of your Folders, just open your control panel, click on the Copy button, and select the “Copy to HDD” Options.

Copy to HDD option

In case you wondering: yes, it works the other way to (HDD Folder aka Cloud Storage --> SSD Folder).


We are dedicated to providing the best possible user experience to our customers, with our simple, flexible and cost-effective cloud servers based on open source technologies. We hope many of you will enjoy these new features.

If you have any comment or question, get in touch!

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