Connect to a Windows server using RDP

This video demonstrates how to use remote desktop, RDP, to access an Elastichosts cloud server running Windows.
  1. Navigate to the Elastichosts control panel. Here you can see your Windows server and the drive mounted on it.
  2. The IP address of the server is shown on the server. We need to use this to tell the RDP client where to connect to.
  3. Open up your Remote Desktop client.
  4. Put the IP address of the server into the input named ‘Computer’ and click ‘Connect’.
  5. You will now be prompted for a username and password. These should be the ones you supplied when setting up the server.
  6. You’ve now successfully connected to my Windows cloud server using RDP.
In case of failureIf you ever have any trouble accessing your server through remote desktop, we recommend you try connecting through VNC as this console access will be available even if the operating system has crashed.

And that’s it. It’s that simple to connect to your Windows server through RDP and get started with Elastichosts.