ElasticHosts releases API for UK cloud infrastructure

ElasticHosts, the second European cloud infrastructure and the world’s first public cloud based upon KVM, today released its API and remote management tool. These enable users to automatically upload server images and control servers running within ElasticHosts’ flexible infrastructure, supplementing the existing web management interface.

ElasticHosts provides flexible server capacity in the UK for scalable web hosting and on-demand burst computing uses such as development/test, batch compute, overflow capacity and disaster recovery. The ElasticHosts HTTP API is described in detail on the API page.

The API is implemented in a straightforward ReST style, and is accompanied by a simple command line tool enabling Unix users to control ElasticHosts infrastructure from their own scripts without writing any code. Chris Webb, ElasticHosts CTO, said:

Since our launch, ElasticHosts’ cutting-edge virtualization platform has attracted great interest. Our API allows our customers and partners to instantly provision and use our capacity on-demand from within their applications and tools.

Note: KVM is the modern virtualization platform which is built into mainline Linux, with strong backing from major Linux vendors such as Red Hat. KVM gives ElasticHosts’ customers a free choice of unmodified PC operating systems with full access during boot/install, fully flexible server sizing and best-in-class virtualization performance.

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