ElasticHosts releases public beta of cloud infrastructure

ElasticHosts has released the first wave of capacity on its cloud infrastructure as a public beta. ElasticHosts provides flexible server capacity in the UK to our customers for scalable web hosting, on-demand burst computing and other uses. We are the second publically-available cloud infrastructure to launch outside the US. Our customers benefit from:

  • Instantly scalable on-demand server capacity, with a free selection of CPU, memory and disk sizes to suit any application.
  • UK data centre, offering fast direct links to the UK/EU internet and ensuring that your data stays within EU jurisdiction and data protection laws.
  • Competitive prices for both subscription and burst use. Buy exactly the capacity you need, when you need it.
  • Advanced KVM virtualization technology, delivering the full power of our infrastructure to your servers, and supporting any PC operating system.

Our free trial allows you to test our powerful products, and you can now purchase capacity on the first wave of our infrastructure roll-out. Find out more, and sign up for a trial or account at www.elastichosts.com.