February 2016 Update

ElasticHosts Update

We've finished deploying the February update in all zones from Asia-Pacific to America. The update includes interface fixes where the control panel wasn't functioning properly on iPhone and iPad.

List of changes:

Payment report download

Resellers are now able to download payment reports covering multiple months (in .csv format). To see this new functionality, please log into your account and visit the Reseller/Accounting/Payments tab.

Pricing list update

We now sell cPanel VPS licenses both on containers and virtual machines, therefore, merged the two licensing options into one in our pricing. You should find it as "cPanel license" or "cPanel VPS license" at the following locations:

UI issues fixed on iPad and iPhone

We've fixed an issue where upon logging into an admin account's control panel from an iPad or iPhone, the drop-down list for the managed accounts - seen as > ... in the admin bar - wasn't functioning properly.

Now, you are once again able to select any of the managed user accounts or add new clients.

Please note: this issue affected only admin accounts.

Please let us know how you like the update.
If you have any issues, give us a call or write an email to support@elastichosts.com.