Foundation of Arachsys, the precursor to ElasticHosts

Our founders, Chris Webb and Richard Davies, have more than a decade of collaboration and experience in the web hosting industry behind them. They first met in 1995 when they were both medallists at the International Physics Olympiad, representing Britain. In 1998, whilst studying Mathematics at the University of Cambridge, they founded their first web hosting company Arachsys Internet Services Ltd, and started the development of many of the technologies applied by ElasticHosts today.

Richard Davies, CEO

Richard joined ElasticHosts from the leading global management consultancy McKinsey & Company, where he advised senior management at a large number of global high-tech and telecoms clients. Prior to McKinsey, he was one of the founding software engineers of Forbidden Technologies plc, a leader in web-based video tools. He is a published author from the early days of Java development.

Chris Webb, CTO

As well as designing and developing the Arachsys platform upon which the ElasticHosts technology is based, Chris has consulted on technical infrastructure and internet systems for a wide range of UK internet startups and investors. He has a deep technical understanding of all layers of the virtualization and hosting stack and has contributed to the development of a number of the software packages used by ElasticHosts.