How can I reboot my container?

Rebooting a container from the control panel is simple and straightforward:

1. Press Shutdown on the container: ![ElasticHosts container turned on](/blog/content/images/2016/03/container-turned-on.png) 2. Press Start on the container: ![ElasticHosts container turned off](/blog/content/images/2016/03/container-turned-off-1.png)

Rebooting a container on command line:

1. To use this feature, first you need to enable the **Respawn** feature in the advanced options on the server configuration page. ![](/blog/content/images/2016/03/container-respawn-feature.png) 2. Once Respawn is enabled, typing the command for restart on the command line from inside the container will result in the containers shutting down and then rebooting.

==Please note: initiating restart with the Respawn feature disabled will shut down the container without restarting it. ==