Increase disk size in a Windows server

  1. If you connect to your server using the in-browser VNC and navigate to Server Manager – File and Storage Services – Volumes – Disks you’ll see the capacity is 25GB. If I try to extend the disk, you’ll see that we’re already at maximum, so we need to change the amount of storage that is allocated to the virtual machine, and we do that via the Elastichosts control panel.
  2. Before we can change anything we first need to turn off the server that the drive is connected to, so we click the power button in the server box. The drive is the smaller box to the right. Within this you can see a button with two blue cogs on it. This shows you the configuration screen for that disk drive.
  3. Here we can change the size of the disk allocation, and underneath, mount an image. Drag the slider to increase your disk size. Remember that for the free trial you are limited to a 20GB disk. Now the disk allocation is larger, but we still need to change the grow the partition.
  4. Access your Windows server using the Show screen button on the control panel. Navigate again to Server Manager – File and Storage Services – Volumes – Disks, then find the Volumes panel, right click on the C drive and click Extend Volume. I can now increase the disk to its maximum size.