January 2016 Update : Minor Changes and rsync Fix

ElasticHosts Update

We haven't stopped working on the ElasticHosts platform in December, and we have deployed minor changes to address a few customer concerns on the platform. The update was deployed in all zones from Asia-Pacific to America. Hopefully, the update will make the ElasticHosts platform more pleasant for every customer.

List of changes:

###1. We now validate content-type headers on API POST requests that pass contents.

We made this change because when you posted a request to the drives/create method, but with incorrect content type, API returned a 400 Bad Request error, but the error message said: "Required keys missing: size." Now the error messages are concise, but in return, correct content-type headers must be used.
If you wrote your own API client, it’s important to be aware of this change. From now on, if you send the wrong content-type in API calls, it returns an error message specifying that text/plain or json should be used.

2. Resellers are now able to disable misused / abused trials altogether.

We are proud of offering five-day free trials without credit card checks. It feels like the right thing to do since we want users to be able to test our service to learn about how flexible and easy-to-config it is. There are people who try to abuse this policy but we have been addressing this ever since and this update contains some elements which help us fight malicious triallist more efficiently without hurting our policy.

Thank you, Patek, for raising this issue!

3. Hard drive copy names get timestamp

In the updated platform, new drive copies will now show their creation date. However, this doesn’t affect the copies created before the update. To put it another way, the disk copies will be named as [server name] (copy YYYY-MM-DD HH:mm:ss).

We'll be rolling out the same for folders soon!

4. Fixed ‘rsync’ issue

During copying folders, the progress of the syncing process wasn’t displayed properly. While folders were syncing, their progress % suddenly raised, got stuck and decreased - sometimes all of these happened during the same synchronization. We completely understand how frustrating this was for our clients and fixed it as soon as we could.

Please [let us know](mailto:support@elastichosts.com?Subject=January%202016%20update" target="_top">) how you like the update.
If you have any issues, give us a call or write an email to support@elastichosts.com.