New! ElasticHosts support section

We think one of the things that makes ElasticHosts different is the quality of our support — and from your feedback it seems many of you agree. But while we’ve always prided ourselves on our friendly, quick, one-to-one telephone and email support, we’re now also improving our online support section. Even the most experienced sysadmin wants to read the manual sometimes!

So we’re happy to announce the first articles in our new support section. We hope this will become a complete guide to using ElasticHosts, as well as a useful set of resources for those building cloud servers more generally. We’ll be building and expanding on this over the coming months, but already we have:

  • Improved support home page: We’ve brought together all our support resources into one section.
  • FAQ: FAQ covering all aspects of our cloud servers.
  • API reference: Description of our powerful cloud server control API.
  • New site-wide search: Now it’s easier to search the whole ElasticHosts site for the answer you need.
  • Control panel demo video: Demonstrating common usage to get you started faster.
  • Tutorials: If you’re just getting started with ElasticHosts, or if you want to carry out common tasks like adding a VLAN or a static IP address, this is the place to go.
  • Partner tools: ElasticHosts is part of a growing cloud ecosystem, making your lives as cloud developers much easier. We’ve added articles describing how to use ElasticHosts with common tools such as libcloud and jcloud.

Preview of coming attractions — we’ll be adding a full guide to setting up a scalable, redundant LAMP stack to the tutorials section shortly. Let us know what else we can add to make your lives easier —