New Feature - Drag and drop

We’re proud of our control panel. Many cloud providers say their interface is easy to use, but we’ve just gone one better. Now you can click elements like drives and drag them to connect to servers, then drag those servers into VLANs directly. Not only is this intuitive, it’s dangerously fun – watch out! When this feature was released I got very excited and spent an embarrassingly long time just dragging things and dropping them onto each other. ![](/blog/content/images/uploads/icon-screenshot3.png)We think our control panel is a great mix of simplicity and versatility. You can connect via VirtIO or IDE, swap drives around or include more servers in a VLAN with just the swipe of a mouse. If you’re thinking of playing around with this new feature, remember that traffic within a VLAN is not billed and that VirtIO is our recommended drive interface type and is faster.