New features on ElasticHosts

We are continuously working on improving our cloud platform. Most of this work stays hidden behind the curtains but we also created a few new features for customer use in the last few months.

Link to status page

We've added a direct link to the ElasticHosts status page on the control panel. You can find it in the Support menu.

Note field

A new note field has been added to the configuration page of every object that has one - servers, drives, and folders - on the control panel. Any notes put there will be exposed as a tooltip on the control panel itself.

Making notes has been supported on the API level for quite some time. Those notes are associated to the user:note key on the API. The API supports arbitrary user:xxxx keys for you to add additional meta-data.

Remote image pulling

We’ve added the ability to pull an uncompressed image from an http/https URL straight onto a new drive. This can be done by adding a new drive to the account with "Remote Image" as type. After this, you can enter the remote image's URL and optionally the checksum to ensure data integrity.

Updated elastichosts-upload script

The updated script has a new -f flag for uploading directories as Folder objects.
Also, the script will now make several attempts to auto-resume transfer in case it was interrupted. The default number of retries is 5, but you can change this with the -r (retries) flag.

You can download the updated tool from the API page.