New Features Spring 2013

We’re thrilled to tell you about our exciting new features we’ve launched for Elastichosts’ Cloud Server users this Spring:

New features:

  • In-browser VNC for new servers. Go to ‘Control Panel’, ensure your server is on and click ‘Show screen’, voila! Works best in Chrome and Firefox web browsers.
  • ‘Submit ticket’ function now available from ‘Support’ menu in your account. We encourage you to use this function whenever you have a question or issue, as it enables us to answer your queries faster.
  • Virtio by default. From today, all new pre-installed servers are configured with a Virtio connection by default to provide faster performance. Pre-installed Windows images also work with Virtio.
  • Choice of new drive attachment when you add a drive, i.e. Virtio, ATA, IDE or SCSI.
  • ‘Edit’ button on running servers. Adjust CPU, Firewall and much more. This is now available for some settings on running servers as well as for all settings on stopped servers.
  • Specify a restricted list of possible static IP addresses when configuring a server for enhanced security.
  • Generate a new secret API key. Go to ‘Profile’ and click ‘Generate a new key’.
  • Firewall status tooltip. For servers with firewall, you will see a firewall icon, hover over the icon and you will see a tool tip showing the current firewall configuration.
  • Accept port ranges in server firewall rules. Click the ‘Edit’ button on your server, view the firewall tooltip and follow the instructions.
  • Prevent accidental drive deletion. When you click the ‘delete’ button, you will be asked to check the drive you are deleting and double confirm permanent deletion.
  • View your monthly and yearly total spend. Go to ‘Billing’ and hover over the month or year tooltip.
  • Download your billing history, go to ‘Billing’ and click ‘Download all in .csv’.
  • Auto top up more than £1,000. Please contact us if you require this feature.
  • Remove your stored card details if you are changing your payment method. Go to ‘Billing’, ‘Disable use of this card’.
  • Upgraded to QEMU 1.4 so your virtual machines can run even faster.
  • Two-step authentication support (e.g. Google Authenticator).
  • Recommend Elastichosts to your friends, go to the ‘Recommend’ tab and recommend us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ or by email.

Stay tuned

We’ve got lots more new features coming up!

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