New state-of-the-art Data Centre for ElasticHosts customers [Video]

We’re pleased to report that this weekend’s migration of our lon-p zone to Peer 1’s new £10 million data centre in Portsmouth, UK, went smoothly. After a long night’s work, the migration went ahead with minimal downtime.

Now, all of our lon-p clients are hosted on brand new state-of-the-art server hardware, with a direct connection to PEER 1 Hosting’s carrier-class fibre network. The new Portsmouth site is the flagship green data centre in the UK for our data centre provider, Peer 1. Within easy reach of London, it has a massive 11MVA power and room for 20,000 servers.
You can see the new data centre in this BBC TV report:

Now that the migration is complete, you should see no disruption to your services. We’ve also migrated our existing IP ranges to the new data centre, so that all cloud servers will retain their existing IPs — no reconfiguration needed. In fact, the only difference you may see is performance improvements, because during the migration, we took the opportunity to upgrade all of our server hardware to brand new equipment, so your servers are running on state-of-the-art kit.

In time, we’re planning to offer you larger cloud servers, with capacity up to 16GB, based on the new hardware. For now, though, we’re recovering from the late-night migration and updating our full list of cloud server data centres.

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