Spring 2012 Newsletter

Happy New Year!

welcome to the first ElasticHosts Cloud Server Newsletter of 2012!

We are very excited about the developments that we have planned for this year but first we need to let you know what we’ve been up to since the last newsletter back in the Summer:

  • 16GB Servers, automatic repeat billing, firewalls
  • Critical alerts by SMS and copied to extra email addresses
  • Powered by ElasticHosts: Link to us
  • Tutorials, global support and status page
  • New Toronto and Los Angeles data centres
  • Control panel revamp
  • White-label program coming soon

Account updates and new features

If you have logged into your account recently you may have noticed a few extra options on the profile, subscriptions and server configuration pages. For instance,

  • You can now configure a simple port blocking firewall in front of each of your servers.

  • We have also doubled the maximum server size to 16GB RAM in all zones except sat-p, made possible by an investment in larger hardware.

  • If you pay by credit card then you can set your account up to automatically renew your subscriptions each month and automatically top up your balance if it gets low, rather than having to remember to make manual payments.

  • On your profile page there is now an option to set up extra alternative email addresses and mobile numbers to receive important notifications. Together with automatic repeat billing, this helps keep your servers running smoothly.

Powered by ElasticHosts: Link to us

If you like hosting with ElasticHosts, why not support us by linking to us from your sites running in our cloud? As a thank you we will give you 10% of all the spend by any new customers referred by your link. Please see our website for tips on how to do this.

Tutorial section

If you need assistance on setting up your servers, whether it is a simple configuration such as adding a static IP, or whether you want to achieve a load-balanced cluster of web-servers, you can find it all in the new tutorial section on our site.

We will be adding new tutorials regularly, so please get in touch if you have any ideas or want to contribute yourself:
Tutorials - ElasticHosts Blog

Global support and status page

During 2011 we expanded our support team and we now have native English speaking support engineers in the UK, USA and in Thailand, offering email and telephone support around the clock.

We also now have a status page, which we will update whenever there are issues affecting the services. Please check this site before contacting support if you think something is wrong. http://status.elastichosts.com/

New Toronto and Los Angeles zones

We have two new availability zones in Los Angeles, California, USA and Toronto, Canada. These are already available to existing customers and we will be announcing a full public launch later in January. These zones are located in Peer 1 colocation facilities. See the details on our Data Centres page.

Also, in December, we successfully migrated the entire London Peer 1 zone to their state-of-the-art green data centre in Portsmouth.

Control panel revamp

Some of you may already be running our new control panel. This is still in beta and we expect to be launching it for everyone very soon. We have also been revamping the rest of the site with design improvements and extra features such as an activity log – we hope you will be pleasantly surprised.

White-label program coming soon

We have been working on developing a white label service, which will allow businesses to offer cloud hosting to their own customers under their own branding from ElasticHosts data centres. This program will complement our existing ElasticStack platform but will appeal to resellers who want to get started quickly and easily without buying their own hardware. So far, we have two white label systems in production and we are looking to expand this considerably during 2012.

Please contact us right away if you are interested in finding out more about this and we will keep you posted on updates.