80% feel ripped off by cloud providers

New research from ElasticHosts finds that 84% of IT decision markers think cloud providers could do more to meet expectations

LONDON, UK, 10 September, 2015: Cloud hosting provider ElasticHosts has today released the results of a survey that reveals dissatisfaction in the customer service provided by cloud providers. The survey found that 87% of businesses are now using the cloud in some shape or form, which highlights the need for proficient customer service. Customer service is increasingly important for businesses as cloud outages damage the customer experience, tarnish brand reputation and result in lost revenue.

80% of those surveyed feel ripped off that cloud providers make them pay a premium for what they consider basic support. This view is supported by the fact 84% think cloud providers could do more to meet expectations on reducing the support and maintenance burden on in-house IT staff.

The survey also indicates that more than a third of businesses are regularly unable to speak to a human in customer services. When businesses do get through to a human, a third of respondents experience difficulty as call handlers cannot speak the local language.

According to the survey, more than half of large businesses commonly experience slow response times when using cloud support and 41% feel call handlers lack technical knowledge. This creates frustration for businesses as the longer their issues go unresolved, the longer business processes are affected. Worryingly, almost a third of businesses (31%) feel they have sacrificed most services and support after moving to public cloud.

One of the main benefits of cloud computing is that businesses can reduce their capital expenditure by reducing spend on technology infrastructure. If businesses continuously lose revenue through cloud outages because customer services cant resolves these issues, this benefit disappears. Three-quarters of respondents feel they have had to sacrifice service and support by moving to public cloud, while 5% of large companies feel that by moving to public cloud they have had to completely sacrifice customer service.

The survey consisted of 100 IT decision makers from businesses across the UK and was commissioned by ElasticHosts. The survey was conducted by independent research company Vanson Bourne.