Scalable sites, without the sysadmin

ElasticHosts has partnered with Hybrid Sites to provide scalable, redundant cloud web hosting for LAMP sites without the hassle of server administration.

By nature, ElasticHosts cloud servers give you full root/adminstrator access and the power to install and run whatever software you want. But sometimes you simply want to build on an existing LAMP server, and that’s where ElasticHosts cloud sites come in.

Simple to set up

This type of hosting is perfect for all standard PHP & MySQL web applications. Hybrid Sites offers automatic installers for WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and many popular e-commerce, forum, CRM, wiki and e-learning environment applications — so it’s quick and easy to set up a site, letting you focus on building a business.

Easy to scale

Our cloud sites serve your website files for you, giving you the redundancy and scalability of the cloud without having to manage the server yourself.

Built on ElasticHosts technology, your site can scale from requiring a tiny fraction of a cloud server to multiple powerful cloud servers in moments when you get a spike in traffic, ensuring that your site is always online, and always fast.

Build a cloud site today

Get started today! Try our free 5-day cloud site trial.

Update: the Cloud Sites product has been discontinued, but our Cloud Servers are more than capable of running any web applications.