Sporting glory!

During the summer, we at the ElasticHosts office have been competing in the Enjoy Work sporting competitions run by Chiswick Business Park. Anyway, our legendary Sales & Support Manager Anna Griffiths would like you all to know that she has been awarded the Player of the Season award!
Anna with Trophy
Note: Anna may not appear to original scale

Anna made it to the final of the rowing competition — a head-to-head race over 750m. She was a member of the second-placed dodgeball team, and played tennis alongside our Business Development Consultant Paul Gwyther — Anna and Paul were also placed in the individual competitions. Meanwhile, the ElasticHosts football team, the Raindrops — regular members Richard, Jaime, Anna and Paul, with Anna as honorary manager — made it to the semi-final of the Plate competition. We know that those of you who work with Anna won’t be surprised by this proof of her dedication, enthusiasm and team spirit. Well done Anna!