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We want to enrich our knowledge base with detailed technical articles which explain how to do certain tasks using ElasticHosts cloud servers. You can contribute to this process by submitting your own technical articles. Authors of published articles will be rewarded with 3 months of free hosting.*

Recommended topics:

Requirements :

The following topics lack documentation, therefore highly recommended:

  • Migrating to ElasticHosts from other hosting provider
  • Setting up popular applications on ElasticHosts
  • Useful API scripts for managing cloud servers on ElasticHosts

To get your article approved, make sure you submit a detailed article:

  • Complete and accurate articles ( >1000 characters)
  • Illustrated: series of images or a video
  • Original content

Submission and Review

Please submit your completed articles as a support ticket. Before hitting send, make sure your ticket includes the article’s title and illustrations.

After we receive your article we will contact you within 2 weeks with our initial thoughts.


If we find your article useful and will-written, we will publish it. This comes with a few rewards:

  1. Recognition: Your name, short bio (including a link) and Google Author profile will be associated with the article. This is highly beneficial for an aspiring tech writer or an audience-seeking startup founder.

  2. Free hosting: By default, this is 3 months of free hosting with the exact same specs we provide for trial accounts. If you would like something else, let us know!

If you have any feedback, leave a comment or send a ticket!

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